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Preserving wealth and creating value for future generations, by investing with a long term perspective in a diverse portfolio of assets

Investment Philosophy

Money can only be spent or invested, and at Mogope we only know how to invest it.

We have been given the privilege of investing this endowment wisely in the expectation that the next generation will benefit from it in the same way as our generation has, setting the difficult task of preserving wealth but creating the necessary returns to multiply it several fold. This fine line forces us to search carefully for investment opportunities that balance risk and reward, while contributing to the diversification of our portfolio. We know from our history that some of those investment opportunities will take years to mature, but we are patient, and we will endure the ups and downs as long as we know we are heading in the right direction.

Board of Directors

Hugo G. Pereira
Hugo G. Pereira


José G. Pereira
José G. Pereira


Paula G. Pereira
Paula G. Pereira

Board Member


09.04.2015: Shilling completes its first exit by selling BestTables to TripAdvisor

PRESS RELEASE: Shilling Capital Partners today announces

that its portfolio company BestTables has been acquired by TripAdvisor. This is Shilling’s first exit since it started investing in 2012 and represents the result of the successful expansion of BestTables into Brazil. As a result of the acquisition, BestTables brings a network of over 1200 restaurants in Portugal and Brazil into TripAdvisor’s expansive network. 

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