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Liquid Investments

Mogope aims to maintain a strong portfolio of liquid assets that will enable it to maintain financial flexibility throughtout the economic cycles, reducing its dependancy on third party financing or favourable market conditions. We privilege working with independent financial advisors in order to maintain control over our investment decisions and keep intact our ability to go against the tide.

Investment Strategy:

At Mogope we are firm believers in equities. We think that only equities or equity like instruments, with a variable claim on the value created by companies, will deliver above average returns that will allow us to increase our wealth in real terms. We have a bias towards passive investment, using ETF's in the most liquid markets, and only using active managers in less transparent markets where the informational advantage will give certain investment managers an edge over everyone else.

Asset Classes:

Public Equities:

  • Domestic Equities

  • Foreign Equities

  • ETF's

  • Specialist mutual funds


  • Government bonds

  • Corporate bonds

  • High yield bonds


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