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Mogope was born after the dream of an entrepreneur who wanted to challenge the established media business in Portugal.


After a long and successful entrepreneurial career in the media business, José Gonçalves Pereira decided to create Mogope to participate in the most ambitious project this industry had seen since the 1970's, the creation of private television channels in Portugal.


Mogope was thus incorporated as one of the founding shareholders of SIC - Sociedade Independente de Comunicação, to challenge the long standing monopoly of the public television service. SIC quickly emerged as the most successful private television project of the time, rapidly gaining market share and establishing itself as a reference player in this market.


After 14 years of partnership, Mogope divested it's shareholding in SIC to the Impresa group, achieving the status of being the longest standing minority shareholder in the company and witnessing the birth, growth and maturity of a project that maintains its relevance in the Portuguese Media landscape.


After this divestment, Mogope diversified its holdings into several areas, but always maintaining its goal of supporting great entrepreneurs with ambitions goals and a desire to conquer the world. Today Mogope invests in a variety of asset classes, from private equity to real estate, but without ever forgetting its origins.

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